Is this a “white supremacist” or “white nationalist” website?

This is not an ethno-nationalist or white nationalist website. We do not wish to begin on such note, but unfortunately our detractors that are most likely to lodge this complaint are the least likely to read much more than a sentence. The explanation that follows will be written as dispassionately as possible.

We acknowledge that our immigration system has been abused and must be restricted, and we strongly desire for the extreme reduction of legal immigration and the deportation of all those here illegally. But as for the members of this Republic, whether they be white, Hispanic, black, or Asian American citizens, they are Americans. 

Setting aside the many moral arguments our team discussed, which would only amount to platitudes here, the concept of revoking citizenship, as some extreme ethno-nationalists suggest as an option, would not be a precedent or a constitutional crisis, it would mark the end of the Republic itself.

The five members involved in this project conclude that the ideal of achieving a state of ethno-nationalism in the United States is simply not viable. The methods needed to achieve it invariably require a degree of immorality and social breakdown from which the nation could never recover from.This is not an age of great enlightenment, there are no giants, no framers, no founders among us to create order from the chaos. The answer to our current descent into chaos, immorality, and social breakdown is not a descent into the same but in a different direction. 

Some may say that the whole system must be broken down and build anew, “let it burn!” It’s far easier to destroy a civilization than it is to return the broken pieces to their places. How many generations might that take?

Markets would collapse globally, the dollar would inflate to a meaningless piece of paper, and everything would change for the worse. To the separatists and secessionists, this website is in favor of the Union.

What we need most are viable, incremental, and reasonable changes that can benefit every American. A truly nation-focused platform that will fill the void and chaos that will assuredly follow the Trump presidency, whenever it may end. Neoconservatism is not dead, it is merely waiting.