#BoycottGeorgia: Hollywood liberals, drunk on power, seek to boycott Georgia over Abram’s defeat…and it won’t work


There’s something fascinating happening in Georgia, a state known as the ‘Hollywood of the South.’ Yes, there is something fascinating in Georgia and we all have an opportunity to laugh at it. But first let’s explain to these Hollywood halfwits why they’re wasting their breath in this latest attempt to boycott a red state.

Hollywood limousine liberals—the prep school socialists of the world—are threatening to boycott Georgia in response to the failed recount bid by gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams. But that is something that will simply never happen no matter how much they whine and cry about it , and here’s why:

Simply by filming their productions within the state of Georgia, studios are able to receive a 20% tax credit. If they are willing to show the Georgia peach logo at the end of their production, those companies receive an additional 10% tax credit.

And where does that money go? Well, that’s not so simple. Initially, those credits go to whoever funded the production and if they have Georgia taxes they wish to reduce, they can do so. But for those that do not have taxes to reduce, tax advisors in Georgia help the recipient sell those credits to another corporation.

What? Sell them? Yes. Those credits can be sold.

The tax credits received by production companies are transferable so that out of state owners may sell them on the market to other corporations. And there’s no limit to the credits despite most other states having caps.

Here’s what one such tax advisor in Georgia had to say:

He can help them sell, say, $100 million in tax credits for anywhere from $82 to $92 million. For people or corporations who want them, they can shave 8 to 18 percent off their taxes using the credits. Plus, the longer the tax credits stick around, the deeper the infrastructure in the state. The more studios, production companies and ancillary businesses that plant themselves here, the harder it will be politically to pull out.

So if a handful of deranged celebrities and members of the intelligentsia think they have all the power here, they deserve to be laughed at, and laugh we will.

Brian Brigham, Raw Story

Bradley Whitford, he was on the West Wing on NBC so he thinks he understands real politics

Steven Pasquale, Rescue Me

Alyssa Milano

Ron Perlman, Sons of Anarchy

Betsy Sullenger, some b-film wannabe producer

Frank Rich, former NYT and current HBO producer

Now this isn’t an exhaustive list, but you get the idea. These people aren’t big enough to throw their weight around. It’s just a desperate cry for attention that the investors will laugh at all the way to the bank.

Hollywood isn’t leaving Georgia, Hollywood needs Georgia.

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