Trump administration official dies under suspicious circumstances… death ruled a suicide


EDIT: We’re putting this disclaimer front and center since this article will surely prove controversial and kooky. The death of Daniel Best is not in itself suspicious. The details that the authorities have chosen to make us privy to, specifically the details pertaining to where his body was discovered and the language used to describe that location are raising suspicions.

Suicide from blunt force trauma can occur when a victim plunges to their death off of the top of a building. We have not been told that Daniel Best jumped. We have been told that he was found near a garage door exit to a DC area apartment. This hasn’t been described as his apartment and more importantly, the “garage door exit” has not been described as the exit to a parking garage or parking complex. We need to ascertain whether this complex had roof access. As it stands, the reporting on this issue will only drum up conspiracy theories and, frankly, those theories aren’t really all that crazy.

We have reached out to the DCMP’s office of communications for comment on the structure of the building Best’s body was discovered at. We will update this story as information comes in.

Original article follows:

He was tasked with leading the Trump Administration’s Health and Human Services effort to lower the cost of prescription drug prices but on November 1st he died. But there are questions that need answers.

Daniel Best was a former pharmaceutical executive who worked for CVSHealth and Pfizer, but earlier this month he was found unresponsive near the garage door exit of a DC apartment building. At 5:25 a.m Best was pronounced dead by medical personnel who were at the scene.

The cause of death has been reported as “multiple blunt force injuries” but the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has ruled the death a suicide—in other words, we are to believe that with a concerted effort that took multiple attempts, Best bludgeoned himself to death.

Daniel Best

Without more information, it’s hard not rule this alleged suicide as suspicious. 

Consider this: how much willpower would it take to inflict multiple blunt force injuries to yourself in an attempt to commit suicide?

This isn’t someone that shot himself, hung himself, or plunged to his death from a tall building. Studies show that those that have attempted suicide but failed had feelings of regret once they initiated their attempt. People that jump typically realize their problems are far smaller than they imagined before deciding to step off the ledge.

So what exactly happened here? Well, so long as the Chief Medical Examiner is unwilling to provide more information, we may never know. So instead, let’s turn to the data on deaths such as these and see if we can find any pertinent information.

Suicide by multiple instances of blunt force trauma is exceedingly rare

Suicide by blunt force trauma is incredibly rare and instances where multiple self-inflicted blunt force trauma injuries resulting in death are even fewer. In fact, these sorts of suicides are so rare they’re almost exclusively committed by individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia.

One must be severely out of one’s wits in order to overcome that natural instinct of self preservation that kicks in after the initial shock. It might be easy to bash your head against a wall once, but multiple times is another story.

Here are some statements from the National Institute of Health that confirm this analysis.

Suicide as described above is incredibly rare and often linked to schizophrenia

“Suicide by self-inflicted blunt force injury is rare. The authors report a case of a 48-year-old man who initially appeared to have died of a homicidal beating. The pertinent autopsy findings consisted of blunt force closed head injury combined with numerous cutaneous abrasions and contusions of the entire body. Further inquiries confirmed a medical history of paranoid schizophrenia and a previous attempt at suicide.”

Multiple inflicted injuries in traumatic deaths usually indicate homicide:

Multiple inflicted injuries in traumatic deaths usually indicate homicide…. A high level of clozapine was detected on toxicological analysis of blood and a history of schizophrenia was reported. Although multiple self-inflicted wounds are most often caused by sharp objects such as knives, on occasion multiple gunshot wounds and rarely, blunt trauma may also be encountered.

Multiple self inflicted injuries resulting in suicide are “mainly seen in psychiatric patients

Apart from collisions with road or rail vehicles and falls from height, self inflicted blunt force is a rare suicide method and mainly seen in psychiatric patients.

But we do know one thing…

While we are limited in what we know about Best’s cause of death, we do know is what his former employer, Pfizer, has been up to lately.

Pfizer has been lauded in recent months for their restraint against their worst instincts—they’ve kept their prices static despite corporate urges to raise them.

That ended this week according to the WSJ. Pfizer has just announced an increase of prescription prices for 41 different medications.

So, to summarize:

The man President Trump tasked with working to lower drug prices dies under suspicious circumstances, his former employer, a major player in the pharmaceutical market, decides to raise the prices on a whole host of drugs they carry, and Americans are left once again in the dark on all of this.

And if you’re so bold as to question their narrative, if you stop to consider the suspicious timeliness of this young man’s demise—who leaves behind a wife and children—you’ll be handed the Seth Rich treatment. You’ll be branded as a conspiracy theorist and a kook and the establishment media will attempt to shame you into silence by suggesting that you’re using his death as political leverage.

Now, there’s always the chance that this man was sick and unstable or that the mounting pressure from his role was too great a burden for him to carry—but the American people deserve more than just some dubious claim that he somehow managed to inflict multiple blunt force injuries to himself.

Are we to believe he smashed his head repeatedly against a wall? That seems unlikely.

Suicide is a delicate subject and naturally Best’s loved ones deserve to be the first ones to hear all the details. There’s also the chance that this highly suspect case is really a suicide that transpired in the least likely and most excruciatingly deliberate manner possible. But as it stands this story doesn’t quite pass the smell test.

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